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DA & CC Approval

Development and Building Approvals Management

We can expedite the Building and Development Certification / Approvals application process for you. This includes Construction Certificates / Complying Development Certificates / Development Approvals / Occupation Certificates / Building Certificates / Strata Certificates / Submission.

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Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate follows on from a Development Consent issued by Council or a consent authority. A Construction Certificate is required before any building works begin and verifies that the proposed development complies with the Building Code of Australia and applicable legislation.


Our company structure means you’ll work with the same team through every stage of your development, from desktop review of design plans to site inspections and approvals.

Civil Engineered Construction principal business is the issue of Construction Certificates and undertaking the role of Principal Certifying Authority for all type of building projects. Once a Development Consent has been issued by Council we will work with the applicant to simplify and fast track the Construction Certificate process.  Our key objective is to enable the applicant to commence building works as early as possible.
Our professional certification services would generally entail the following:-

  • Review the design drawings of the proposed development and provide preliminary regulatory advice.
  • Assess the proposal against the provisions of the conditions of the Development Consent and the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
  • Provide advice in relation to items of non-compliance or inconsistency with the Development Consent and Building Code of Australia.
    Attend project coordination meetings with the consultant team, as required.
  • Provide a written list of any outstanding documentation or information required for the issue of a Construction Certificate after receipt of the Construction Certificate Application.
  • Upon receipt of all required information issue a Construction Certificate for the proposed building work, in accordance with Part 4A of the EP & A Act 1979.
  • Provide ongoing building regulatory and BCA advice throughout the construction phase of the project.
  • Undertake progress site inspections, (including the critical stage inspections required by the EP & A Act) and a final inspection upon completion of the works.
  • At completion of the building work issue an Occupation Certificate (Interim or Final) in accordance with the provisions of Part 4A of the EP & A Act.

Complying Development Certificates

A Complying Development Certificate is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial developments and is issued before any building work commences.

Our streamlined, paperless system and expert understanding of NSW building regulations and legislation means your Complying Development Certificate can be assessed in days, not weeks

Exempt Development Certificates

Many smaller building developments can be exempt from development approval. In these instances an Exempt Development Certificate may be issued. Our experienced team at Civil Engineered Construction can advise whether your development is exempt and certify that your proposed development complies with the regulations