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Building Inspection Report

Strata Building Defects

Civil Engineered Construction has qualified Building/Engineers Consultants that can liaise with you and carry out interim and final inspection reports.

New residential houses, townhouses, villas and home units under three storeys require insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF, formerly known as Warranty Insurance).

There is currently no requirement for HBCF insurance for residential high rise strata buildings (those over three storeys in height).  Under the new laws, developers will be required to lodge a bond with NSW Fair Trading in the form of a financial security equal to 2% of the contract price for residential and mixed use high rise strata buildings.  An occupation certificate will not be issued until the bond has been lodged with NSW Fair Trading.

The bond will provide the funds necessary to fix defective work that has not been rectified within the necessary timeframes. The new requirements will only apply to building work commenced, or contracts entered into, after the commencement of the reforms.  The bond is not payable until it is time to get an occupation certificate. Developers will be required to engage and pay for an independent building inspector to carry out an interim and final inspection report.

Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Civil Engineered Construction has next day service available for our Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Reports.   Pre-purchase inspections can save you from costly building repairs and maintenance. You should always know what you’re getting into before investing in something as valuable as a house, unit or commercial property.

We are qualified to provide a visual Pre Purchase Building inspection which relates to the structural adequacy of the Building and Timber Pest inspection report which relates to Termites, Borers and Wood Decay.  These reports are provided separately or we can complete both the reports at the same time, for a discounted fee.

We inspect all types of properties such as domestic, commercial and industrial properties.
The combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection is our most comprehensive service and is strongly recommended for all properties as it covers both the building inspection and timber pests.

Building inspections cover issues that are not immediately apparent and can vary significantly depending on the age of the building, extent of maintenance which has been undertaken over the years and other important issues not readily noticeable.  Such as:

  • Leaking roofs or damaged roof plumbing.
  • Structural cracks or timber framing inadequacies.
  • Leaking showers or baths/wet areas.
  • Damp issues such as rising damp or penetrating damp.
  • Poor external drainage or storm water concerns.
  • Main structural elements.
  • Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies

Building Defects Inspection Reports

Civil Engineered Construction can provide the property owner or Strata Manager with a report based on building defects which have occurred within the 6 year period after the completion of the building works or more recently when there is alleged incomplete work and or defect during the construction process or around the time of practical completion. The advantage of a Building Defects Inspection Report is to have an independent Building Expert Report which can then be issued to the builder for the rectification of the defects or incomplete works.
A Building Defects Inspection Report can be just a list of the issues or contain photographs, cost estimates and method of rectification.  This all depends on the current situation.

A Building Defects Inspection Report can also be the stepping stone of a report required for litigation (court or NCAT), however a lot more evidence and a different format is required for such reports. Some defects within properties recently constructed or renovated or extended may be claimable against the builder under Home Warranty Insurance if the defect falls within the 6 year period from the completion date.  In determining what is a claimable defect, a site inspection is required to determine the areas of non compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or Australian Standards (AS).

Building Expert Witness Reports for Litigation (NCAT or Court)

For Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal or Court). You will need a Building Expert Witness Report if you intend on making a claim in the court or tribunal for litigation (NCAT), whether you are a builder, tenant or an owner in a dispute.

In NSW, Builders are required to complete building contracts in accordance with the Home Building Act 1989 (HBA), Building Code of Australia (BCA) now known as National Construction Code (NCC) and all relevant Australian Standards (AS).The Expert Witness Report includes all relevant evidence, methods of rectification and cost estimates to rectify defects and incomplete works.

In the majority of matters a ‘Scott Schedule’ is also required to summarise the Report and cost claim. We are experienced in assessing variation claims against the original contract documents and can include these in an Expert Report. We are also experienced in conclave meetings and giving evidence in relation to our reports in court or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). Additionally, we are familiar and comply with all the Court and NCAT Codes of Conduct.