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Retaining wall

Retaining wall

As well as being Sydney’s leading team of foundation repair and underpinning experts, Civil Engineered Construction also specialises in a complete range of retaining wall construction solutions for every residential and commercial application.

From small retaining walls to create distinctive landscape designs, to major structural retaining wall solutions to protect and strengthen the largest residential and construction projects, you are guaranteed quality workmanship, reliable service and a competitive price.

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We’ve built our name and reputation over the last 15 years by delivering exceptional service combined with the industry expertise required to construct retaining walls that stand the test of time.

Civil Engineered Construction specialise in designing retaining wall construction solutions that incorporate smart drainage, secure footings and modern approaches to deliver an unparalleled solution.

Civil Engineered Construction is highly experienced in all kinds of retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. We specialise in building functional and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls.

Retaining walls are a structure that is designed to stabilize the lateral soil pressure in land or soil slope. There are several considerations to be made during the design and construction of a retaining wall.

There are different types of retaining wall designs such as gravity walls, cantilevered walls, sheet piling walls, anchored walls and more.
At Civil Engineered Construction we can design and install a functional retaining system from a host of materials – stone, tile, concrete, brick and railroad ties – and our range of retaining walls include:

  • Modular Block Walls
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Crib
  • Keystone walls

Retaining Walls come in all shapes and sizes and can be built from a variety of materials, including:

  • Timber
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Concrete blocks
  • Stone

In New South Wales, a building permit is required to build a retaining wall that is:
Greater than 1 meter in height
Built on or near an adjoining property.

If a building permit is required, a licensed structural engineer must design and build or supervise the building of your retaining wall.