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Bridge Demolition & Box Culvert Construction

Bridge Demolition & Box Culvert Construction

Construction & Building


ELH was tendered by the Mid-Western Regional Council for the construction of a side track, removal of a timberbridge, construction of culverts & reinstatement.

Requirements included:·

  1. Provision of Side Track & Pedestrian Access·
  2. Construction of Concrete Culvert
  3. Removal of the existing bridge
  4. Provide Drainage
  5. Reinstatement of road pavement
  6. Removal of the Side Track & reinstatement of the existing Pedestrian Access
  7. Reinstate to Trafficable condition

Despite raining for 30% of the contact period (>15mm/day sometimes up to >50mm/day of rain), ELH achieved the contract on time. The adverse weather conditions required new strategies to be developed including the installation of a concrete slab to form a bridging layer & using Geogrid to stabilize the side track during very adverse weather.

The culverts were placed with the appropriate jointing techniques (geofabric), & the use of large sized >100mm stone for adequate drainage. A firm Base was established also using the >100mm stone.

The Mid Western Regional Council provided the following Performance Evaluation on ELH… ”exceptionally high, exceeding contract requirements. Although there were site meetings on a daily basis, the contractor had a full depth of knowledge to carry out the construction project with little direction. Despite weather, they placed 24 Culvert units in half a day, this was unheard of by local industry standards, & unexpected by Rocla as they had contracted 2 trucks for 2 deliveries over 2 days”.